The Benefits of Drinking More Water

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Drink More Water for better health


Let’s talk about drinking water water is essential for your diet for most people dont know that as many other liquid R easier to get a hold of and taste way better. But you must already know your body is composed of 60% water Kansas water in your body helps with digestion absorption circulation transportation of nutrients creation of saliva and it helps regulate your body temperature.

A lot of dieterss have been drinking water as a weight loss strategy by substituting it as a filler for higher calorie liquids to cut down on calories, sugar, and other things they might not need in their body. This helps them to trim their calorie intake by feeling fuller when they go eat food which also helps cut down on calories and keeps them fuller longer. Did you also know if your cells don’t maintain a balance of fluids and electrolytes they shrivel which increases the chance of muscle fatigue? It is suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines (pdf) that you should drink water at least two hours before exercise preferably about 17 ounces and let you drink water at regular intervals to replace fluid to lost by heavy sweating during intense workouts.

Water in your skin aids you against wrinkles as it is protective barrier that prevent against excessive fluid loss. That doesn’t mean go out and over hydrate yourself to erase wrinkles or fine lines, because there is a such things as death by over hydration. Dehydration of course as you know makes your skin look wrinkled because it is dry as your skin tries to keep water in. That could be fixed with just proper hydration of drinking when thirsty or maybe when you just want a drink and anything in excess the kidneys will get rid of. And as an extra tip using moisturizer locks moisture into your skin by providing physical barrier against moisture loss.
Water transports toxins and waste in and out of cells into your kidneys. It is excreted in urine effectively cleansing out your body as long as your fluid intake is decent.

So with that being said don’t forget to get keep water near you so that it can help you in your weight loss and also keep you healthy. Any other tips you fitness junkies out there might want to add? Or give us some of your best water tips to help with your weight loss and health goals. Also don’t forget to Subscribe to my Channel for more fitness information!

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  1. What a health conscious article! It is a basic, important and very easy health act which is not been done by most of us… 75% of world is with water; 75% of our body is with water… But we deny to have sufficient water… 🙁 We must make our children to have conscious about importance of water.

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