Warmup Cardio Workout

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In this video I am going to go through a series of exercises that are going to help our body have better mobility and prevent injury. This will also help increase our stamina and add lean body muscle to our bodies

In this video we are going to do 

  1. Neck Rotation
  2. Arms and Shoulders Rotations
  3. Hips Rotations
  4. Knees and Ankles Rotations
  5. Cross Over Punches
  6. Hip Flexor Lift
  7. Overhead Arm Claps
  8. Squats
  9. Jump Ropes
  10. Jumping Jacks
  11. Butt Kicks

Workout Instructions

-1-2 Sets depending on Weather Conditions

-15-20 Reps on each exercise

-Perform this as a Circuit Workout. Give your self a 30 second break after your circuit

Do this 2x Everyday! Once before your workout and once after your workout. You can also do this once in the morning and once at night.

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