Brock Lesnar has 2 Problems at UFC 200. One is Mark Hunt

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Mark Hunt UFC 200


Written by A.G Lee / @MMAHWatch

Well MMA fans looks like the UFC is going to be nearly doubling the value of UFC 200 with the addition of WWE superstar and former UFC HW champion and superstar Brock Lesnar. This announcement has caused fans to go crazy as they possibly can wanting the return of ‘The Beast’ and his bigger than life personality in the ring and outside of it as well.

Of course this is a big event as the UFC gets to attract some of the crossover fans from WWE who might not have ever seen Brock Lesnar fight in an actual real match before making the UFC some big bucks. But this might be a different fight than most of them are going to imagine. A really really bad one that they might not forget.

What might that problem be other than the diverticulitis which Lesnar himself described as a feeling like :

“like a shotgun blast to the stomach, and then someone poured in some salt and stirred it all up with a nasty pitchfork.”

And the actual surgery itself :

(On November 16, 2009, Lesnar underwent surgery for his condition. The surgeon had said that fecal matter was leaking into the abdominal cavity of Lesnar. This leakage was causing abscesses to develop, and it also forced Lesnar’s immune system to work overtime. The anti-bodies of Lesnar’s immune system were attacking the fecal matter as if it were a virus. The anti-bodies were not able to remove the fecal matter, and continued to attack it. Lesnar had become very susceptible to other illnesses and infection because his immune system was focused exclusively on his abdominal cavity. Surgeons went in, and closed up the perforations in his intestine that were leaking the fecal matter. This would not be the last surgery Lesnar would need for this condition.

In May of 2011, diverticulitis struck Lesnar again. Surgery was done once more, and Lesnar had a foot of his colon removed.

Surgeons have said that the damage Lesnar had from the illness showed that he went undiagnosed with it for a year, and he had many fights in the octagon while he was undiagnosed with diverticulitis. At any time, a punch to his abdomen could have led to a rupture of one of the diverticula. The toxins released from a rupture like this could lead to a condition known as peritonitis. Peritonitis is when the tissue covering the organs of the abdomen become inflamed. Left untreated, peritonitis is almost always fatal.)

Yes that’s a huge problem that can come back, but that’s still not the biggest problem as Mark Hunt being his opponent at UFC 200. Mark Hunt one of the heaviest punchers in the UFC’s heavyweight division. And if we all remember fondly alot of Brock Lesnars fights, he’s not one for being hit even to the point that most MMA fans say he’s hates being hit. Who does right (M.Brown, Velasquez, MacDonald, Lawler)?

Mark Hunt vs Silva UFC

The same Mark Hunt who in his 6 wins in the UFC has only had 1 decision in that lot the other 5 wins either resemble a brutal beating or another day in the office walk off KO.  The same type of fighter that Brock Lesnar has been prone to losing in very bad form too, but this time with much more power.

Who’s not to say that the ‘Super Samoan’ won’t go from a professional head hunter to a body shot artist just to chop down the likes of Brock Lesnar at UFC 200 as this could be not only a huge paycheck for Hunt, but his stepping stone to get on a three fight win streak. Which would lead back to another cinderella story like resurgence that made the UFC look stupid for trying to force him to retire and also get a title shot in the process.

Sure it’s exciting and entertaining to see a crossover star actually fight in the octagon at UFC 200, especially someone of Brock Lesnars caliber who was once champion and barring a could be fatal disease could be champion or at least a challenger again. But at what cost? That’s only a question Brock Lesnar himself can answer as we all know we’re going to watch, the UFC is going to make tons of money for it and Mark Hunt is going to try to brutally beat Lesnar in the worst ways possible.

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A.G Lee

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