What is the H3LO SmartWatch?



Is the latest smartwatch that monitors Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Steps, Calories, and more.

Its Remote monitoring function lets you monitor your loved ones when they are far away via HELO mobile app.

Its Safety Feature (Panic Button) sends a signal to the respective guardians via text when activated. It also sends its last known GPS location.

The Hyper-allergic band function helps with blood circulation, low oxygen levels and more due to its combination of mineral and magnetic therapy stones that are embedded in the band

It seems like a wonder tool that is too good to be true for all ages.

The Helo also gets even better with time. The more you utilize the Helo, the more the technology invest in your health by upgrading its features.

One particular feature the Helo included is the levels of alcohol in your blood that determines if it is safe for you to drive. Keeping your family safe is the Helo’s main priority and it is constantly enhancing its features to mitigate risk.

This could be an investment in your health for an affordable price at $320 dollars.

Powered by WOR(l)D which was established in 2011, it is one of the fastest growing tech co in its sector. As of now, Wor(l)d has 15 office with over 700k customers and counting. That statement alone will bring Wor(l)d well on its way to being a multibillion dollar company.

HELO is a product made by Toshiba.

You want to learn more about HELO and its beneficial features click the link below for more details.


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