How To Lose Belly Fat Fast! | Top 6 Exercise For A Slim Tummy

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These 6 core exercises is a great way to reduce belly fat and keep your body guessing as you move forward in your fitness journey.

In this training, you will not need any equipment aside from your own body weight.

Workout Of The Day

  1. Single Leg Squat and Plank How To Lose Belly Fat Fast!
  2. Lateral Bear Crawls
  3. Dead Bug
  4. Hip Thrusters With Leg Pulse
  5. Crab and Reach 
  6. Roman Deadlift

Each workout will last a total of 50 seconds.

This will be considered a full body workout. Have fun with it and stay motivated throughout the process.

Question of the day.

What is your favorite core exercise and why? Comment Below!

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