Stop eating so much sodium

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Sodium is in almost all of the foods we consume on a daily basis. We, as Americans, want our foods hot, fast and ready for order. On average, Americans typically eat well around 1 teaspoon of sodium a day.  If you feel like you fall in this category, you might want put your Hungry-Man dinner back in the freezer.stop eating salt

If you feel like you don’t fall into this category, you may be mistaken. Sure you’re not stuffing your face full of salt but may be taken it in small doses. There are a ton of foods that disguise itself and we don’t have time to read the label. To help you be aware of the sodium you consume watch out for these delicious yet malicious eats:

  • Crackers
  • Salad dressing
  • Takeout (Chinese Food)
  • Cold Cuts/Frozen Foods
  • Canned Meals

Why not eat salt?

Salt may enhance the taste of your food but it may also enhance your blood pressure. When you consume too much salt your body will want to hold water. That’s not normally a bad thing but when you have excess water being stored, your blood pressure rises leaving you prone to strokes, kidney disease and/or  even heart attacks.stop eating salt

Cut it down

Salt is cheap and should be treated as such. You on the other hand is Grade-A, so instead of salt, substitute herbs in its place. I personally use oregano and basil but if you are feeling adventurous, try garlic and onions. To be on the safe side ensure you have some stank stops. 

Stay on your side

Most of us enjoy gatherings at clubs and restaurants where they smother your social meals in BBQ sauce, salad dressing, and ketchup. Condiments similar to those contain a ton of sodium. If you want to cut back, order it on the side so you can add what is necessary for your taste buds.

Looking back on this blog, I’ve realized that eating out is the culprit to the excess consumption of sodium/salt intake. If you really want to cut back, either tell the chef, “easy on the salt” or better yet become a chef yourself and don’t add salt to the mix…no pun intended…mix…Mixon…nevermind.

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