Your butt is causing you injury

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Your booty muscles are extremely important. Untrained glutes could possibly lead to many problems in your future. With this muscle being the largest in your body, attention to the surrounding area may be crucial to avoiding injury

What happens when you have a weak ass?

  • weak glutesYou may experience knee pain. With the muscle being big, the pain can travel. The first stop will be the knees. Walking may not be enough to get that rear in gear so put that ass to good use with squats or booty engaging workouts.
  • Did you have a weak back about a week back? Your back may have more issues than a magazine. If this is your case, your back may be overused to compensate for what your butt can’t distribute.
  • Time to get up. Most of us have sedimentary lifestyles that involves a lot of sitting. This cause the muscles in the front to stiffen, developing anterior pelvic tilt. This will cause your glutes not to execute movements properly.  

If you really want to avoid possible injury or reduce it now, start working on booty training. Dormant glutes will weaken you in the long-run moving you away from your gains or weight loss goals.

Try these booty engaging exercises

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