How to reduce your cholesterol

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Nobody wants to have high cholesterol. Major problems can occur with high cholesterol that may stop you in your tracks. Expediting your risk of heart disease is the least of your worries with a possible heart attack around the corner.

You don’t have to fret because there are a ton of medications you can choose from to reduce cholesterol levels with possible side effects of course. Why spend all that money and time at the doctor’s office tomorrow when you can change a few things in your lifestyle now that will keep that engine running. If your goal is to improve your cholesterol levels consider these tips.

Eat Better Fats.

Both dairy and red meat are the primary sources of saturated fats. Dropping these items is an option but if you can’t live without it, reduce your daily intake. Although delicious, it can potentially raise the “bad” cholesterol medically known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL). The reason why it’s considered bad is for the fact that it can clog your arteries.  Treat your body like a high-quality top of the line vehicle, investing in the finest cuts of meats and monounsaturated fats as your fuel.

Do you like whey?

If you take whey protein as a supplement, you are in luck. Not only does it help you maintain your muscles but lower your LDL and overall cholesterol when ingested.


Eat more omega 3 Fatty acids.

In actuality, omega-3 fatty acids have nothing to do with your LDL cholesterol but that’s beside the point.  LDL weakens the heart but omega-3’s fatty acids strengthen high-density lipoprotein (HDL) or “good” cholesterol. The reason why it’s considered good is for the fact that it filters cholesterol through the liver. The goal is to reduce your triglycerides which are fats found in your blood. In doing so, this also reduces your blood pressure. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in items such as almonds and other types of nuts. If you like to eat fish, salmon is my top pick.

Foods to consider when lowering your cholesterol.

  • nuts
  • oats
  • beans
  • apples, strawberries
  • citrus fruits
  • whole grains

Foods to avoid high cholesterol.

  • fatty beef
  • lamb
  • pork
  • chicken with skin
  • dairy products

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