How to Tie a Tie

There are a gazillion reasons why you should learn how to tie a tie. For one its looks amazing! It also doesn’t look cheap. I believe knowing the basic knots will help you become more distinguished and well rounded. 

You can dress a tie up or down....Read More »

New Years Eve Party GiveAway - The Drake Hotel Chicago

If you don’t want to spend this New Years Eve in front of the TV, enter this competition for a chance to party like no other!

Nathen Mixon is giving away 2 tickets to The Drake Hotel : Chicago New Years Eve party. The Drake is known to host the hottest New...Read More »

6 Reasons To Make A Gingerbread House

If you want to eat your way out of house and home, buy a Gingerbread house kit. Crafting your very own gingerbread house is one of the best ways to relax from the stressful holiday rush. Start a tradition that will last a lifetime with friends and...Read More »

Want A Unique Scarf? How About One Patterned After Your DNA Sequence Then?

Want your clothing to be uniquely you? Well how about a scarf that has your DNA sequence on it? Dot One is letting people buy a lambs wool scarf where the pattern is based on your DNA sequence. All you have to do is send in 23andme style cheek swab...Read More »

The Extinction of Bananas. Really?

Bananas Going Extinct?

Can the favorite potassium packed favorite fruit of many people be on the brink of extinction? Well it seems that way as of right now. If many don’t know there was an near extinction of bananas once before but a different family...Read More »

No Shave November? Yes Please!

Join me on Youtube as I get into the meaning and relevance of No Shave November!

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