Body Fat

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(BMI <18)


(BMI 18-24)


(BMI 25-29)


(BMI > 30)

FEMALE 20-39 <21 21-32 33-38 >39
40-59 <23 23-33 34-39 >40
60-79 <24 24-35 36-41 >42
MALE 20-39 <8 8-19 20-24 >25
40-59 <11 11-21 22-27 >28
60-79 <13 25-29 25-29 >30


Do you have high blood pressure (BP)? Did you know if you’re overweight or obese you increase your chances of having a high BP? Determining your Body Fat (BF) is a great way to find out where you stand. If you lose a few pounds, you can potentially reduce your BP and the effects of hypertension. You can also reduce the stress on your heart and potentially eradicate the risk of heart disease which is common in those over the recommended weight.

Now don’t get discouraged when you compare your BF to others, (If you do) because everyone is different due to our genetic makeup (male/female). Think about a male and female superhero; there both strong and cut to shreds, but the male is at 4% BF and the female is at around 10%. If you flip-flop that, a male might look a little different at 35% BF in comparison to a female at 35% BF.

We all have fat in our bodies. We need fat to survive for one, it protects our organs and two, it keeps us alive by storing energy when the going gets tough.