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mixon fitness

Trainer | Chicago IL

I’m technically savvy when it comes to computers. I love technology. I happen to be educated in computer information systems. Through my studies, I’ve built 3 computers, interned at Mizzou, and hacked their network as a project for the University. I don’t do that anymore…

Batman & Captain America are my motivation. Although they are conflicting heroes at times, they both believe in putting in hard work to get a wanted result. Their willingness to train hard work smart has made them iconic. One day soon I hope to be on that level.

Coming up I was always athletic. I played almost every sport and excelled at it. Except for basketball, I suck at that. In the 5th grade, I was second fastest in the 1 mile run. I trained everyday so I could be this girl. I didn’t…

I’m really outgoing and there is pretty much nothing I won’t try once. Getting out of my comfort zone is one way of me finding out more about myself. Self improvement has always been important to me since I was young. I was taught to never give up on myself.

The first time I wore spandex was in my sophomore year of high school. I was a wrestler at the time. It was a bit uncomfortable at the time until I realized that all my favorite comic book characters wore it too.  I now where spandex every day.