E-Paper Shoes? Say hello to the new Shoe Market!

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Let’s talk the latest in wearable technology people.
Today for gonna be talking about something that might change the whole entire shoe industry, probably the whole entire world if we really think about it deep enough. We’re talking about E paper shoes. Weird right? E paper is the foldable and light material that allows people to put graphics on them either digitally or manually. And not just static graphics but moving graphics as well. So that brings us to ShiftWear shoes. These shoes come in a group of different models but all of them both the same a paper capability. From your smart phone or from a desktop or tablet you can enter a marketplace where you could buy graphics for your shoes or buy animations that play on your shoes as well. From basic colors to displaying the entirety of the Mona Lisa on your shoes it’s all doable with these. From the demo of what we saw there seems to be almost no limit to what you can actually get to appear on these shoes, which isn’t a bad thing for those people who love matching their clothes with their shoes or vice versa.


So far with the average price running around $200 these could make a headway into the supermarkets and even compete with designer or fashion shoes. But to take on sport shoes like Nike or Adidas that part might be a little bit far fetched. Sure it might be amazing to see animated graphics on the shoes of your favorite player during the game, but what more would or could the average consumer do with it other than see their favorite player in it and just wear it for fashion? The comfortable level of these shoes is not known at this current point, and we are sure that it’s going to be a long time coming, but so far utilitarian part of these shoes  has been filled , which is the new market of designer fashion shoes.

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