Still No Credit For Demetrious Johnson. But Why?

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UFC Demetrious Johnson

The last unbeaten UFC Champion from years past.







Will fans ever give Demetrious Johnson the credit that he deserves? Demetrious Johnson ever since his first lost to Dominick Cruz at bantamweight has been making strides and bounds in his improvement of his overall mma skills. Even in his draw with Ian McCall for the flyweight title he had a markedly improved performance than when he fought Dominick Cruz and it showed when he won the title in the fight after.

With each defense of his title he has outclassed boxers, wrestlers, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts, kickboxers, and beat his most dangerous opponent twice in John Dodson who was at most a combination of all of the above. He has displayed a grappling game that is one of the most technical ground games amongst most MMA fighters who are not Demian Maia, Frank Mir, or Fabricio Werdum.

Combining that along with his speed and accuracy and technique those skills that have helped him to stay the champion, amongst a year of brand new champions in every division of the UFC and possibly stay that way as Demetrious Johnson still has not reached his peak in performance or improving his skills. Is there still so much more that we have to see from the fly weight champion that some might not realize? But even with all the potential and clearing out his whole division minus Henry cejudo why do some fans not consider Demetrious Johnson a dominant champion worthy of that credit? Give us your thoughts fans.




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