Should you purchase the most powerful console: Xbox One X

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Are you still contemplating on which XBox console will suit your gaming needs? Maybe, maybe not, but if you’re torn in between the three, that being the XBox One, Xbox One S and XBox One X, these specs and features may clarify your decision.

The Xbox One is still the OG when it comes to the gamers top picks in consoles but as of late, gamers are finding the Xbox One S and Xbox One X to be a bit more powerful. Luckily for Microsoft gamers, it’s pretty simple to differentiate the most powerful console on the market today.the xbox one

Breaking down the 3 devices  in terms of its specs, check out this side by side view of both the CPU and GPU

Xbox One CPU/GPU

Xbox One Comparisons

The Xbox One X wields 6 teraflops of power! Whatever teraflop is, it outperforms the Xbox One, making it look like an expensive paper weight. Gamers utilizing the Xbox One X will experience a new game as they progress through the updates and awesome gameplay.

The picture is spectacular 

The visual effects varys from the 3 Xbox consoles. The ranges compete with both 4k and HDR. See below for details.

RAM/Storage Options

As you progress through the 3 Xbox consoles, you will notice the upgrade in both RAM and Hard Drive Storage.

Storage for the Xbox One X should not be problem. Games are getting bigger in terms of storage but the Xbox One X comes standard with one terabyte of storage. This will provide more than enough storage for your games and can also be expanded via external hard drive.

Price range

With the Xbox having a wide range of technical specs and ranges of power between the 3, it is clear that they will have varying prices as well.

  • Xbox One    $249
  • Xbox One S $299
  • Xbox One X $400

Gaming is a serious market and Xbox is leading in the console department. With all the ranges of power in the device, it’s hard to say which console will be the best for your buck. Give us your thoughts! Which Xbox are you thinking about purchasing and why?

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