The Condom Challenge

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Likes“, Everyone wants them and a lot of “social butterflies” don’t know how to get them. Social media is one of the best ways to get people to look at you for the things you’ve to accomplish in your life or journey. If people can’t see what you are doing, you may get the urge to go viral

the condom challenge

The Condom Challenge is nothing new but has resurfaced in hopes to make some thirsty teens Youtube Famous. The challenge involves a person utilizing an exposed condom as a reverse tissue for their nose.  Once snorted, the condom must be pulled out from the mouth.  Apparently, I’ve been using condoms completely wrong.

What could go wrong?

Because of the harmful and potentially deadly side effects, Youtube has been working around the clock to disband thousands of videos being uploaded with this particular content.

She could have just got a job…

For a couple likes, an entertainer could potentially suffocate with a condom up their nose.  That’s not only a painful death but an embarrassing one. What would they say at the funeral? “Tiffany was desperate for attention so she decided to snort a condom up her nose. She could have just got a job like everyone else but wanted to be Instafamous.” There is literally no way of sugar-coating that one. 

the condom challenge

That’s in your brain now.

These challenges normally die down but new ones arise almost simultaneously. The best way to combat these tasteless challenges is by ignoring them. If you can’t ignore them, don’t share them in hopes that the kids/adults will use the condoms to halt their chances of reproduction.

There are a lot of challenges out there that do some good in raising awareness. I myself participated in Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. What challenges did you participate in? Comment below!

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