Keep your dry skin moisturized

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Dry skin comes for us all, particularly in the winter. With these savage cold winds, it may be hard to stay moisturized. To get rid of your dry spout use these tips to stay liquified. 

The squeaky wheel gets the oil

Lotions with oil is the way to go these days. Purchasing moisturizers with oil included is a sure way to keep the skin lubricated for the longer, colder days. If your favorite lotion or moisturizer does not have oil in it due to allergic reasons, you can always add your own. I add coconut oil to my moisturizers because it doesn’t cause acne for me and actually even out my skin tone.dry skin


Show the gloves some love

If you want to feel booshie from time to time, use gloves when washing your dishes. It’s definitely old school considering most of the world uses dishwashers, but it’s not always an option. Using gloves blocks properties found in soap that can shred the essential moisturizers our body produces. This can go for bubbling hot showers too! It may feel good but the heat from the water will wash away the oils you produce leading to dry itchy skin.

Slippery when wet

An excellent habit to pick up is moisturizing yourself after a shower. This is an awesome method if you can’t use oils because of acne breakouts. The lotion utilized is great way to lock in water so your body stays hydrated throughout your slumber. If you’re suffering from dry itchy skin after your late night baths this may help you feel declawed and at ease.

dry skin

Thirst trap

The inside is just as important as the outside. Your body is extremely smart even if your not(you’re*). If you don’t drink enough water your body will make some sacrifices and your skin is not a priority. Essential liquids will be pushed to your vital organs rather than your skin to keep you going. To distribute the goods evenly, you have to drink water on a regular basis. The safe bet is 8 cups a day, but we working out this season so step your hydration game up a bit.

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