A Chipotle Connoisseur

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Lets admit it, chipotle is some good eating. They provide a ton of food for a decent price. Quick tip; to max out your taste buds, always add the tortilla. Unfortunately it can also max out your calorie intake. Like most fast food restaurants its easy to add few extra pounds. Chipotle, unlike most restaurants, you can actually get pretty healthy if you add your toppings right.

With so many options on the menu, choosing the best dish would seem easy since Chipotle generally promotes health and awareness on the board. Hands down, the burrito bowl would be the healthiest option on the menu. It provides all the innards of of the burrito minus the tortilla. When I want to drop the most weight, i’ll have this and load it up with veggies because of its high fiber content.

Too many rice options! If you are torn in between the two, brown or white rice, always bet on…brown! Excuse my “Passenger 57” reference. I guess I’m telling my age. Anyway, brown rice typically has more protein and fiber proving more fulfilling in the long run with healthier attributes. In regards to the two bean options, its pretty much preference since there is no significant difference.

You're having a Burrito

More yard bird please! If you didn’t notice, majority of their meat contain a bit of salt, some more than others. Chicken would be your best bet if you’re a carnivore. Its lean and low in sodium. If you trying to flex during the warm months this should be on your platter.

Don’t forget the hidden fajita veggies! Really, I never notice them. Add this to your mix in conjunction with the medium or mild salsa for extra flavor. I’ve never been a cheese or sour cream fan, but if you happen to be, make sure you tell them easy on the toppings because it will keep the fat coming back.

Speaking of fat, always get the guac! You’re a big baller if you’re dining in at Chipotle. You might as well pay the extra 50 cents for some healthy fats.

If you agree with me hit that like button! Also let me know how you prepare your ultimate burrito. Maybe I’ll try it.  Stay healthy out there Mixonites!


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