Why is it hard to lose belly fat?

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Belly fat is something the majority of the population have but tend not want. It comes in  many different shapes and sizes that are not always proportioned to ones body. Belly fat tends to burn the slowest when you trying to lose weight (or is it just me).

Losing belly fat is not hard

Advertisers market foods or supplements to avoid, which limits your caloric intake (starving). They pretty much want you to consume their product by limiting things you can eat. You see these crazy abs videos with these expensive machines giving you hope for rock hard abs in minutes. More than likely those machines become tables or coat hangers. Cardio is always the way to go but is it really the answer. Instead of starving yourself or working out for hours on hand, lets try altering your lifestyle. 

A healthy body is a lifestyle. 

This is not a temporary fix. If you want to maintain a tight tummy, you want to give yourself a schedule that will manage both your daily intake of consumables and an exercise routine that is doable.lose belly fat

Why can’t I lose it fast?

Losing fat fast depends on the individual. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, some people lose fat faster than others. The ones that lose it the fastest are those who have the most muscles.  Muscle burns fat so if you have a lot of it, it’s easier to drop the pounds.

How to lose it?

Instead of focusing on losing your belly fat, focus more on reducing your body fat percentage. It’s not the fastest but it’s more gradual and won’t have you looking like E. Honda from Street Fighter leaving your body more proportional. Having a low body fat percentage is key to getting superhero-like abs.  lose belly fat

Abs body fat Range

The look of abs vary from person to person but you have a higher chance of them showing if you keep your body fat low. Ladies typically want to be under 20%. If you want your abs to glimmer, keep your body fat around 16-17%. Fellas, your abs tend to show around 10%. If you want washboard abs keep your body fat around 8-9%

What do you need to do

It’s plain and simple, you’re going to have to adapt to a caloric deficit. You can’t eat more than your body is burning. Eat plenty of veggies and drink water to speed up the process. Incorporate healthy calories and lean proteins rather than fried foods and snack cakes. Cardio is good but weight lifting is better. You want build muscle fast so you can burn fat faster. Cardio, although great, doesn’t work every muscle to its maximum potential like weight training. Follow these simple, yet effect tips and you will be tearing up the summer with your new bod. 

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