Is it bad to run on your tiptoes?

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Technically there is no terrible way to run in retrospect, there is no best way to run either.  Depending on height, weight and a plethora of other factors, everyone form is a little different from one another.


Statistically speaking, majority of the runners today hit the ground with their heel. This type of technique is known as a rear foot run. A small percentage run flat foot, similar to the cops (that was an old joke) and that technique is known as a mid foot run. Lastly, there is the tiny percentage that run on their toes known as forefoot runners.

run on tiptoesAs stated earlier, majority of the population run on their heels. If you’re in that group, you may find yourself with knee problems. Rear foot runners slow or even stop the forward movement in their run with this method. The pressure from constantly stopping but trying to go, leaves wear and tear on your knees. To maximize your speed try combine the two techniques of mid and fore foot runs. 


What to do

To mitigate the risk of injury, you should hit the mid section of your foot first then get your roll on to the toes maximizing your effort.

History Lesson

I personally believe we all use to run on our toes. Back in the day, shoes was not a necessity but efficiency was. To keep up with the pack we ran on our toes, typically barefoot to keep that forward momentum.  Once running shoes was introduced, our technique was changed inducing more common injuries such as knee pain. 


The way your foot strikes the ground is crucial to your speed as a runner. If you look closely at a sprinters technique, their heels never touch the ground. They dedicate their foot strike solely on their toes to keep the momentum moving forward making them more efficient and less injured on their journey.

run on tiptoes

If you are a beginner runner don’t get frustrated because it takes practice to retrain form. If you are having knee problems this may reduce that pain, increase your speed and keep you injury free. 

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