Look and Feel Slim in 24 hours

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It’s easy to look and feel slim. If one would adopt  these few healthy habits, they could possibly see results within 24 hours!

Eat low Sodium Dinners

Regularly eating meals that come in frozen boxes or from restaurants is a sure way to make you look and feel bloated. The food may be quick, easy and delicious which could prove enticing when you’re on the go. If you want to feel slim the next day, consider making your own food. Steaming some veggies and consuming high quality protein is one of the best ways to keep the sodium count low and your body tight.

Have a Nighttime workout

There is nothing wrong with a late night workout. Many people are adapting to evening training due to schedules and convenience. Many get the misconception that one will be restless but that is far from the truth. This myth was debunked by a 2013 study from the National Sleep Foundation. It showed that 57%-67% of those who stayed active throughout the evening received a better night of sleep. Don’t take my word for it, the gym is open!

look and feel slim

Turn off the lights

Your body produces a hormone called melatonin. It helps your body generate calorie burning brown fat. That’s a good thing! The darker your area of rest is, supposedly the more melatonin is produced. Its a great way to lose weight and get away from distractions unless you are afraid of the dark.


Turn down the thermostat

The colder you are, the more calories you burn. Keeping the temperature in the mid 60’s is a sure way to help you burn fat. On average, people who slept at lower temperatures burned 7% more fat than people who slept in temperatures above 75 degrees. It may not seem like a lot but if you do it everyday, it adds up.

look and feel slim


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