How to feel well rested

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Sleep, it may not be important to you but it’s important to your body. Majority of the population don’t get enough sleep due to inactivity and inadequacies in our lifestyle. Terrible diets and lack of exercise contribute to the Z-Monster being defeated by late night talk shows and the Crunchyroll.

We as a whole need to sleep a lot more these days. It is understandable that there are things to do in such little time but if your body breaks down because you are sleep deprived, nothing will get done. Check out these tips on how to feel well rested.

Get a decent bed

If you sleep in more than one spot on your bed, your bed might be deemed terrible and it might be the culprit to you rest regiment. Your body is constantly in motion even when you are not. If the circulation isn’t running efficiently through your body, it’s going to move to a position where it can be. Tossing and turning ruins your sleep pattern keeping you up late. Soft beds aren’t always good either. I have a big ass and its the first to sink into the bed causing lower back and neck pain. There is definitely a happy-medium so consult with a sleep expert to help gage which bed is right for you.

Turn on the lights

Your body needs sunlight. The morning sunrise will refresh your body getting you pumped to start your day off right. It also sets a nice clock in case you forget to set yours. I myself hit my mornings with a double whammy keeping my blinds open at night and a timer on my Hue system set to the sunrise. Wake up!

how to feel well rested

Don’t ignore your alarm

Do you hit the snooze button? I’m going to use my psychic powers and say, yes. Was I right? For now on get up on that first alarm. Constantly telling Google to wake you up every other ten minutes is destroying your sleep cycle. You will never develop a routine this way and you’ll drag ass throughout your day. Get up at a certain time each day, the weekend included. Developing this routine is a sure way to keep you prompt for your day and not sleeping in rushing now cause you’re late.


It is getting easier to take technology to bed. I personally fall asleep answering questions on Youtube or checking out a post on Instagram. Either way it goes, bringing tech to bed is not a good idea. Bright screens like your T.V., phone, and computers emit a blue light that will alter the melatonin you produce. Invest in some blue light glasses or dim the lights on all of your electronics when the nightfall for a better sleep.

how to feel well rested

Get your heart pumping

Strength cardio is the best part of waking up. A quick stroll around the block or few jumping jacks in the bedroom is a sure way to get the body moving in the right direction. Morning training is a great way to wake up and release those endorphins trapped in your head. It may not seem like it at the time but the results will be a better mood and a better nights sleep to follow your long day.

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