Where do eye boogers come from?

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Eye boogers also known as rheum is that gunk you sometimes find in your eyes after the best sleep. Normally there is someone laying next to you when this occurs. (embarrassing)

Why do we get eye boogers

The majority of rheum is made up of mucus designed to keep the eyes moisturized. It’s always been there since the dawn of your life but you only notice it when you wake up in the morning. You might notice eye boogers when you wake up from your nap as well. It doesn’t occur when you’re awake often because you’re consistently blinking your eyes clearing any build up in the process.eye boogers

Preventative maintenance 

eye boogersMost people typically use their fingers to clear out the gunk. That my friends is a bad idea. Although it may feel good, you risk embedding unwanted bacteria in your eyes. Aside from that, these eye boogers are solid so you can easily scratch your eyes if you are not careful. For best case scenarios, clean your face with warm water and clear it with a washrag. Don’t worry, it still has a satisfying feeling.

A tall tale

Now you know why rheum appears. It’s pretty normal with us common folk. If you want to mitigate the risk of developing rheum, try sleeping with a humidifier near by. I don’t know if its proven, but in my case, I have little to no eye boogers in the morning utilizing this method.

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