How to be the perfect man on Valentines day!

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It’s here! Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you either love or hate. Love it because you have that special someone to be with or in my case, love it because all the chocolate goes on sale the next day. You can hate it because you are single amongst other things. 

I’m generally happy and wish people the best on this special day. I personally have grown to love being single and don’t see how I was ever in a relationship. Last relationship though, I was definitely over-qualified. Not to tute my own horn (beep) but I happen to be an awesome guy in and out of relationships. To spread my awesomeness, I’m going to do 2 things in 5 ways by telling the fellas how to treat the ladies and the ladies how to be treated. I’m only doing 5 cause I can’t give away all the secrets

Consideration goes a long way

It’s cold outside these days and it might be snowing in other areas. If you want your boo to start their day off right, start her car. There is nothing better than getting into a warm car when the weather is in the single digits. She will appreciate the gesture, know that you care, and maybe even make you feel like a hero before stepping off to her other boyfriends place…I mean job.

perfect gentleman

Don’t get her hands dirty

Open the door for the lady. She just got her nails done to look good for you. Why would you take the risk of her chipping them on your raggedy car door. Be the gentleman I know you are and make her feel like a queen you know she is. The 15th is pay day so pump her gas too! Trust me if you do this she is going to tell your competition to step their game up. 

perfect gentleman

Keep her warm

You took her to the perfect restaurant for the perfect meal, in her perfect attire, and the chivery don’t stop there. You just set her back on her fitness gains by stuffing her full of calories. The least thing you can do is help her put her jacket on. Keep her bundled up in that new jacket she wore for you so her other male friends don’t recognize her in public.

Do something

If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. If you’re going to invite her out, have at least 3 places to go just in case her boyfriend works at one of the spots you’ve picked. Nothing says, “hot” like a contingency plan. Some women are indecisive so this could save you a lot of time and money giving you control over date options.

Keep your eye on the prize

Taking her out on Valentine’s day will hopefully say you know what you want. If that is the case your eyes shouldn’t linger anywhere else but on her. She should be all that matters in the world because there is no better woman than the one in front of you. Perform these actions consistently and she will be yours forever…or at least she will feel guilty when she out with her main dude.

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