Top 5 Black Superheroes

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Superheroes are among us and they are getting darker. No literally, some of the top mainstream superheroes are black. Since some are still not recognized by society today, lets point out some of the populars ones that’s shaking up the cinematic universe. 


The Mistress of the Elements is one of the key figures that makes up the X-Men’s official roster. Debuting in the mid 70’s, Storm is a fan favorite and the first black female mainstream mutant of Marvel and the cinematic universe. Halle Berry (Oh so fine) nailed the role in the X-Men Movie franchise as the iconic superheroes


The vampire hunter is Marvel‘s first trilogy movie. Despite the critic reviews, Wesley Snipes nailed the role with catchy one liner, crazy martial arts and visual effects. Blade is also the first Rated R superhero movie to make it into the Box Office and work. Probably the most emulated character at cosplays, Blade’s sharp edge never gets dull.

black superheroes


In the 90’s, Spawn was one of the leading characters in the darker genre of comics. Created by Todd McFarlane in the early 90’s, Spawn quickly gained popularity among its peers because of its originality and badassery of the character. There is not too many characters that can go to hell, make a deal with the devil to go back to Earth to reek havoc on those who betrayed him at the same time betraying the devil himself. In the late 90’s a movie was produced staring Michael Jai White, the first African American mainstream superhero on the big screen. The special effects was awesome for it’s time but the plot was out of whack. A reboot will definitely raise hell.

Black Superherroes

Black Lightning

40 years ago, DC released a meta-human capable controlling electricity at will to ward off injustice in the community. The CW produced the show Black Lightening that is keeping the lights on with this high voltage crimefighter. Spinoffs was created with his two daughters, Thunder and Lightning making this a crime fighting family a force to be reckoned with.

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Black Panther

Future Spoiler Alert! Black Panther is the husband of Storm! King of Wakanda, Black Panther is the first black superhero dating back to the 60’s diversifying comics in the Marvel Universe. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the character before the actual Black Panther Party was established. To separate the comic character from the organization, the duo changed the name but it was too late for the name was adopted by readers. Fortunately for fans, the character has since risen in the ranks as one of the most notable characters in today’s age. 

black superheroes

There are a ton of ethnic superheroes that are starting to stand out.  Check out the list I didn’t mention and add your own to the mix. I don’t know all of them.

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