How to get motivated for health and fitness

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Fitness commercials like Orange Theory gets you pumped to go to Spin Class. Watching these amazing people with these amazing body’s sweat it out in a fun way is motivating you to get up the next morning and attend the class. Unfortunately, the commercial is only thirty seconds long and the motivation changes as quickly as you change the channel. Ooh, McDonald’s having a buy one get one! 

Sure the first couple of days are great! You might meet new friends or even drop a couple of pounds in the process but what happens when its cold and rainy outside and that bed is feeling too good get out of. If you’re not motivated to workout, you are not alone. 

If you are struggling to stay motivated to be a healthier more fit you, check out these tips to keep you coming back again and again. 

Be optimistic

You have to convince yourself of a better outcome. A lot of times, we think of the bad stuff like it’s raining but forget the good stuff like free showers! Paint a picture of yourself and notice the little changes and visualize how huge it can become. Documenting your journey is a great way to keep you on track.

How to get motivated

Join a group

Birds of a feather flock together. It’s hard to workout on your own. You don’t normally see the results because you don’t know how to challenge yourself yet. Encouragement goes a long way coming from someone else see you put in some hard work. A pat on your back may for executing the perfect squat give you the boost to put in another for good measure. Running groups, Spin Class etc is a perfect way to get involved with the health community.

how to get motivated

Reward yourself

Your reward should be something you actually enjoy. Training on a daily basis can potentially save you a lot of money if you stay committed. The money you save from going straight to the gym rather than happy hour adds up. Use the extra income to give yourself a break like a nice massage or facial. I myself like to try out breakfast menus at local restaurants once a week. Keep this up and you will develop a routine and that routine will morph into a habit.

how to get motivated

Hold yourself accountable

You’re only one workout away from a good mood“. Talking to yourself is one way of motivating you to stay committed but what would happen if you externalize your motivational quotes. Informing people of your goals and progress is one of the best ways to ensure you stay committed to your own words. If you don’t commit to what you say, people can call you out on your B.S. It may be harsh but people look up to you and your journey so don’t let them down.

how to get motivated




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