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Exercises can get boring. We go to the gym and typically do the same routine especially when it comes to weightlifting. At times, one could possibly plateau due to the consistent same reps and sets routine. To keep the body from falling into a stalemate, consider drop sets.

What’s a drop set?

Utilized by most bodybuilders, drop sets involve lifting heavy weights until muscle failure and following up that same set with significantly lighter weight until muscle failure again. This is also known as “multi-poundage system“.

drop sets

What is it good for?

Most beginner exercises are completed with 15 repetitions of a particular workout followed by rest for a certain amount of time. Drop sets are made to bring you to failure with one set of weights and going beyond failure with lighter weights. If you perform this correctly with a proper amount of rest time in your training session, your muscles will grow faster than Rita Repulsa’s monsters. 

drop sets

What to do

If you are going to consider drop sets, Do not do more than two sets per muscle group. I myself typically perform 4 drops in one set using dumbbells. There is no rest so you want to be quick when switching out the weights. If you don’t have a spotter, consider using a machine exercise to compensate. Do Not Do It Alone.

Try my favorite Drop Set

Recommendation: Properly Warm-Up | Have a spot | Adjust to a proper weight because I’m Strong A.F. | Consult with Doctor before my workouts break you in half.

Exercise: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Sets: 1

Repetitions; AMAP (as many as possible) 

Weight: 90 LBS, 70 LBS, 50 LBS, 30 LBS: 




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