Never feel sore after workout again

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Let me give you the breakdown…speaking of breakdown that is what your muscles are going through when you put your body through a workout. Before you start wondering if you should rush to the hospital, this is a good thing because the breakdown process is making room for bigger, stronger muscles. 

The soreness you feel is your body repairing itself. The pain varies from person to person but typically reaches its threshold at 48 to 72 hours after an intense workout. Some people get the pain faster but that too may vary depending on your hydration levels and your genetic code.

To alleviate the pain you feel moving from point A to B, try these 5 tips to keep your body feeling great and ready for action.

Be Icey or Hot

If it feels good, do it! Some like it hot and some like it cold. If you are torn between the two, consider these options; if your muscles are tight and you want to release some tension use heat and if your joints swelling, use ice to reduce the soreness. I personally like sitting in the sauna for 10 minutes.

Never be sore


Your body will feel tight and you will feel every movement no matter how much lotion you put on to moisturize your situation. Stretching your body is the best way to release the tension when your body has been ran through the wringer. Practice doing it on a regular to prevent overstretching. 

Never be sore


After a great workout, try doing light training to keep your body in motion. Sitting on the comfy sofa will only make things worse. You want the blood flow circulating throughout your temple. The more mobile you are in your off days the faster you recover for your on days. Yoga is a perfect way to ease your way back into training.

Never be sore

Put protein on the menu

Our bodies can’t produce protein so we have to consume it in order to maintain the muscle we work so hard for. Protein also aids in our recovery. Since humans come in different shape and sizes our protein intake is a little different. The more you workout the more protein should be consumed. I like to use the 3 quarter rule, meaning if a person weigh 100 pounds, 75 grams of protein should be consumed for the day.

Never be sore

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