Do I Eat Less Calories Before The Holiday Meals?

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“Should I Eat Less Calories?” It’s a question I’m often asked by people expecting a huge cheat meal on the major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. My answer is always going to be a go preceded by a no which is a no-go.

Eat More Protein!

Depriving yourself could cause you to overeat well before the holiday meal begins. To hold your appetite down, consider eatingeat less calories proteins like eggs and/or yogurt in the morning to curb your appetite. In most cases, keep things simple as if it was a normal day.

Don’t Pig Out…

When it’s time to chow down, get your taste buds engaged with your favorite foods like stuffing and pigs feet…(wait what). Don’t pig out in the process (no pun intended). You don’t want to get the itis. Drowning yourself in carbs and sweet stuff can make you extremely tired, possibly placing you in a food coma (best feeling ever). That could be bad for business considering a lot of people “compete” in Black Friday events. So stay on your A game, eat light to move faster through the checkout line.

For those who don’t do the shopping, maybe the gym is on your agenda for the following day. All the hog maws and pigs feet might catch up if you don’t play your cards right. Bad carbs and sugars shouldn’t be used as your fuel source because your performance can be jeopardized during your rigorous training. Keep your plate light and save some for tomorrow. If needed, stash a plate prior and put it in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator because no one ever looks there (I don’t anyway).

At the end of the day don’t eat less than normal. Maximize your taste buds by enjoying your food rather stuffing it and tasting it later (burp).

Question of The Day!

What foods are you looking forward to this holiday season?

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